Although officially established in 1988, AAON’s amazing and reliable products stem from nearly eighty years of experience, with the company’s beginning tracing back all the way to 1928. Over the years, AAON has become a global leader in providing quality HVAC products. While AAON designs and manufactures HVAC equipment, ranging from rooftop and outdoor units to air-source heat pumps and chillers, its subsidiary, AAON Coil Products, provides various necessary components, such as heating and cooling coils.

  • Industry: AAON’s products are offered for commercial and residential cooling needs.
  • # of Employees: 1,392
  • Website: https://www.aaon.com/
  • Phone: (918) 583-2266
  • Headquarters: Tulsa, OK
  • Year Founded: 1988

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